AMERITAS DENTAL The Affordable Care Act where to get  assistance how to know where the numbers are and where the assisters are so we’re really there to support people in  understanding. 

Their benefits and  AMERITAS DENTAL using them wisely and that last but not least  Mary Willoughby from blue cross blue shield of north carolina what do you specialize in so I’ve been at Blue Cross  for about six and a half years and I work on our Affordable Care Act enrollment team which is primarily focused on.

Ameritas Dental

The individual market so  people who buy their own AMERITAS DENTAL health insurance and thank all of you for being here you you now what our cost measures that consumers need to know about now for  many consumers a trip to the doctor is a painful thought especially when.

Ameritas Dental

It comes to the cost associated with it but there are ways to help control how much you  need to spend to get the quality care you need and the hospitals and insurance industries are trying to teach consumers.

What is the best way to get the help within the system without overspending  so sherry I’ll start off with you what are some of the ways that UNC is trying to educate consumers well UNC along with other.

Health care systems across the state are very interested in people getting the right care at the right  place at the right time and of course the right cost and what contributes to that is uncommon sated care for the uninsured so.

We encourage people to get coverage and the second thing is understanding and using those benefits wisely which includes and services which  includes a variety of things as well so.

How do I use and pick a plan and decide about what’s good for me and my family it’s so personal and we try to support patients and consumers in that and then also around the service utilization we really encourage people to talk to their  positions about