Dental insurance maine residents

  • dental insurance maine residents animals because human toothpaste a  lot of it has fluoride in it and other chemicals.
  • in there that you don’t want  your dog to swallow and they’re gonna swallow a lot of toothpaste that.
  •  Just the way they are now and you can also  use dental spray this spray is made by a true pet and .

It’s designed to loosen up the plaque so.

  • Places the plaque down and plaque is what food particles and bacteria stick to and create.
  • the tartar okay so the first  thing you want to be able to do is they’ll get into your.
  • Dog’s mouth you know just kind of get him used to putting your hands in his mouth and .
  • Lifting up his lips this is the way you  can examine his teeth too now my dog doesn’t have any.

Tartar so he’s not very good example of tartar .

  • Like now he’s five years five and a half  he’s almost six years old and he’s got beautiful teeth .
  • I brought this little picture here this is bad teeth this is what tartar looks like when it’s built up on the .
  • Teeth it’s tends to stick around the gum line and it will cause  the gum to recede and it will.
  • Also cause inflammation of the gums they’re red and that’s what causes the stinky breath and that’s .
  • What causes eventually the tooth will be due through its will be exposed and dog will lose.

His teeth now we want  to do we want to prevent .

  • That happens now if you see tartar on their teeth like that then you’ll want to make an appointment.
  • With your veterinarian and get have all that tartar removed first because then it’ll make.
  • a lot more  effective for your work that you’re doing at home once you’ve done that where.
  • You’re in your dog’s mouth and he doesn’t seem to mind too much you know he pretty.
  • Much like he doesn’t like it but he’s pretty let’s lets me do whatever I want you can take.
  • A piece of gauze and wrap it around your finger and  you look up here now .