dental insurance no waiting period as got herself a wonderful outcome this is that same lady those friends of real lady dental insurance no waiting period.

dental insurance no waiting period

dental insurance no waiting period

  • who’s on wayfaring she was my first patient with for this sort of treatment mission this is 
  • That big denture that was referred to as well so without the nature it’s a massive friend Saddle Ridge here
  • that’s the end result ten kaolin plans to support a s bridge th from canine to first molar.

There’s the powerful image here’s the initial x-ray prior to implant placement she had these old Corvette implants from about the early s of carried out in London apparently and.

hat bridge was basically had last good plus years once time the all the solid work was done then years prior to this was done so here we are with nine implants I saw ten in class that’s one two three four five six seven eight nine ten ten implants in place and the bridge in position is

Walter you can see this is actually a extra items taken years later look at the condition of this distal tooth here and years later gives you an indication of how long this bridge

was in places but that bridge was serving for many years you can see the destruction has occurred in that – in aborigine so this bridge was very much part of her well part of.

A dentition for many many years it’s a wonderful technology can use it here’s another situation where we’ve got a patient with them what obvious paranormal problem he died asked over.

There she’d had some posterior issues happening as well the she was missing a couple of teeth back here and here so we prepped all those chase put some implants in the back to.

The main implants and there’s a full arch bridge that served her it’s serving her so much that’s about a ten year stories watch him not only was were the upper teeth restored