The next month no deductible Full Coverage Dental Insurance No Maximum   comprehensive exam that is the  discounted rate cleaning forty three  dollars at the discounted rate cynics raise fifty three total bill  discount at time of service point of sale.

They write the check for bucks  and they’re done and there is a huge savings to that it we won’t show that here but it will be shown later on now  your full insurance plans your bill looks like this bought your plan two weeks ago similar and same time frame.

you have a waiting period so you haven’t  gone through the waiting period usually six months you have a deductible you would pay that then you’re paying comprehensive exam at the full price of the dentist charges and cleaning is free  in this particular plan.

Full Coverage Dental Insurance No Maximum  you must pay for x-rays one hundred and thirty six seventy six your total bill on full insurance is two hundred thirty dollars you pay all of it toward your deductible because.

It’s two fifty and you haven’t  hit your deductible yet so you just pay the bill for two hundred thirty dollars leaving left over for your deductible as an example now we’re gonna look at.

It without the waiting periods have to deal with another bill comparison discount a  dental plan your bill looks like this you bought your plan eight months ago and with that being said there’s no waiting period.

So as before no deductible routine exam cleaning dollars x-rays two fillings were thrown in that puts your bill at a  total of two hundred fifty-three dollars discount at time a service point of sale.

your real insurance your bill looks like this bought your playing eight months ago your waiting period has passed you have satisfied the deductible in your last visit that we were reviewed first you have twenty dollars still owe  into your deductible routine exam fifty-three more details Full Coverage Dental Insurance No Maximum