Dental Floss and it will search all the  deltas or do they have to Dental Floss be state specific state specific remember Delta  Dental of Pennsylvania handles three states.

Delta Dental of Michigan handles  a couple different states so you can combine some of them yeah and so like I said it depends on what you’re doing but  you could set up but my unknown.

How To Use Dental floss ?

Met Life you could set up an unknown Delta PA / Delaware / New York to make one like that yeah good question when we check  eligibility where does the team be able to see.

Dental Floss

Dental Floss

That it’s been checked so if there’s somebody else there that wants to see what they have a meeting and stuff where would they find that okay so  you want it under the person screen and we edit a person and you hit the eligibility button and.

I can’t do it because not online with it but there’s actually a history button here they’ll let you  see the last time it was checked but again this goes back to.

what both Laura and I were saying I don’t rely on that if you’re opening up somebody’s information and you suspect that that information isn’t correct just hit 

again and get to get new eligibility because it’s possible they quit their job yesterday yeah yeah and it takes seconds so why not just hit it again it doesn’t cost you anything

different and it’s you know it’s like anything else the more you use it the  less the cheaper it becomes now I’m going to be honest here it’s been a while since I’ve been a

needle shopped so this is I’m struggling through this writing a bike they say can’t you also right-click on the ledger somewhere and see eligibility I thought I remember

there was another  well there’s there is an option in the the Preferences that will add a note to the account screen to note when eligibility was last checked but not

everybody has that turned on but that just tells you it was checked it doesn’t tell you what the information was oh I thought you can right-click on it and  see the

information to know hey I might teach quandary something if I’m right because I’ve never used it okay yea