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dental insurance texas who have kids that have chronic health concerns and so those trace elements yeah so dental insurance texas then the flora that they’re getting from these fertilizer plants and proposing putting in.

the water is it the same as the fluoride that somebody would get from their dentist or in their toothpaste that fluoride is has to be medically certified it has to be clean clear and all sorts of checks and balances.

dental insurance texas

dental insurance texas

whereas the hydroelectric acid is scrubbed and the fertilizer stacks come straight from the stacks into a truck and into your water the trip lawyer mine because I mean if fluoride.

was deemed to actually be a medicine by the powers that be if they admitted that was a medicine it would have to be cleaned and certified and it would never pass in into regulation so if there’s a very strict regulations for for a drug for a supplement for,

 a health food anything like that it wouldn’t ask any of those regulations right wow that’s amazing to me I knew it was different but I didn’t realize you know it was night and day different and that’s like  of the fluoride that’s put into water American

Australia hydroelectric acid so not only is it a different completely different compound we’re putting it in the water % of people don’t even drink the water it’s just going back into

the environment and section yeah it’s not % of people to Americanism  doesn’t get dirty doesn’t get drunk I see okay percent of the water top water doesn’t filter them anyway 

actually well since we took a fluoride out in up and drinking the tap water ever since I felt a little bit here and there but mostly it’s right out of the tap and ain’t no problem

with that as long as you let it sit for a couple minutes that chlorine and basically about great cement yeah so so let’s talk about the cost for a second so you know this is another big one you

know when people hear about this if they’re not convinced by the by the ethical side of it or the mass of medication if they’re not convinced by the fact that it’s all based on you know lies.

from a study or sensationalism searched and all of this sort of stuff then sometimes cost is what actually that’s part of probably when the day in is that several the Councillors .

were concerned about the economics of it it was going to cost about six million.

Treanding Insurance Is dental insurance texas

The teeth the lower has  dental insurance texas a little bit more so we might call this something like dental insurance texas a mild or moderate leak rounded case we have a retained primary tooth that has a beautiful amount of restoration .

 dental insurance texas

dental insurance texas

Treanding Insurance Is dental insurance texas

This patient have been held onto dental insurance texas this tooth the couple of decades more then it should have lasted is because there is no premolar underneath there so basically that is our little space saver for a future implant that’s what .

We’re looking at there so the patient has a class one metal occlusion on both sides and that malocclusion has delivered some of the changes and/or deterioration we would expect to see from having .

The teeth occlude in a fashion like this so we have all these little issues but if we want to talk to Dina about clear aligner therapy which is desirable for most adults.

We would take a look at her x-rays and starting with a anorexia it’s a wonderful place to start but we can start to find wonderful access and certainly underneath the retained primary tooth is a beautiful place to put some perforations right here so we have terrific access between a lot of these roots one of the things to consider would be.

Whether or not the pan is diagnostic in all areas it’s not the reality is that a anorexia might give me some places clear and it might give me some that I really can’t tell so we never we would never use a anorexia only.

I would take pas as well so we would take individual pas of any areas or any real patient that we’re gonna treat with Mike Rossi or perforations to make sure we have an opening or availability I know I don’t have to go after the tightest areas I’m not interested in trying to sneak